Your Visit


Before Class


  • The Elevate Studio is open 20 minutes before the scheduled class time. We suggest you arrive 15 minutes before your class to ask the teacher any questions and allow your body and mind to check out of rush mode and simply settle.


  • Elevate invites you to chat, laugh and enjoy the music before class - it all adds to your chill down time.


  • The front door will be locked at the beginning of each class for security, please ensure that you are on time for your class. 


  • Please remove your shoes at the front door, we love bare feet.


  • Say hello to your teacher, sign-in and put your belongings in the lockers provided inside the studio. Please remember to turn off your mobile phone - this is your time.


  • Always and continually inform your teacher of any injures or medical conditions you are suffering from, or if you are, or are trying to become, pregnant. This is essential information so that we can accommodate classes to suit You, and not compromise any healing or wellness process. Remember Elevate teachers are not doctors, so please obtain prior medical clearances if any of the above conditions apply to you. All personal information will be kept confidential.


  • Wear comfortable clothing that allows your body to move freely. There are no-shoes or socks in Yoga class. Poses require the stability and pressure of the foot on your mat.


  • Try not to eat 1-2 hours before class, and arrive well hydrated. We have a coconut-husk filtered water for re-fills.


  • You need only bring yourself. Members have complimentary use of all mats, props and other equipment. Of course feel free to bring your own mat. Non-members can hire mats for a nominal fee.



During Class


  • We ask that you stay for the entire duration of the class, as relaxation time at the end of the class (Savasana) is as important a pose as the sequences themselves. If you must leave early, please advise the teacher before class, and they will advise you of the safest and least disruptive time to leave.


  • Teachers may adjust you. This is either to accommodate an injury or encourage alignment, to maximize the benefits of the postures or techniques for you. If you would prefer not to be adjusted please let your teacher know. If you are new to Elevate Yoga, teachers will generally assess your body for the first few classes before adjusting.


  • Please follow the teacher’s instructions. Whilst this is Your practice, and you will be encouraged to progress your practice, we are responsible for the safety and security of all practitioners, including you.


  • Be patient with your practice and always work within the limits of your own body. If a pose feels uncomfortable, release out of it exactly the same way you moved into it.


  • Remember yoga has no timeline. Try to accept how your body works without judgment or criticism and above all enjoy your practice. The benefits of yoga come with regular practice, but you have to love it first!! We dare you not to get hooked.



After class


  • Rehydrate, revise and rebook. Nourish your body with our complimentary, freshly brewed herbal teas, drink plenty of water and let the teacher know how you found the class. Your body will be relaxed and mobile, so leave safely and enjoy your trip.


  • Remember the best practice is a regular practice, so book online to reserve your next class.