The Studio

The Elevate Studio was designed in conjunction with local architect John Alkamede to highlight the natural beauty of the sun, sea and sand. It is a sanctuary for your senses, where your body and mind break from daily life and can just be.


To help maintain a regular yoga practice, we provide our members with complimentary Manduka Pro-Lite mats, all props, coconut-husk filtered water and freshly brewed herbal teas for after-class nourishment. We have also designed bespoke storage for your personal belongings inside the studio, so you don’t stress about your stuff.

Combat the Cool

Experience the beautiful warmth of our pre-heated studio. Far Infrared Heaters gently pre-warm the studio and when combined with double-glazed windows & insulated floors, creates a consistent & comfortable temperature. Not hot, just lovely & inviting.


We are passionate about sourcing organic, eco-friendly and Australian made products that are used daily at Elevate Yoga. We are proud to have found the Friends of Elevate to provide you with:
  • Natural Australian 100% pure bees-wax candles by Queen B
  • Australian organic hand wash and lotions by Leif
  • Natural, organic and Australian lavender eye pillows by Laguna Lavender

Take them home

We searched for the most beautiful products on earth, you can find them right here. We stock all of our products for sale in the studio to enjoy at home or for that special gift.