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We always welcome new teachers into our studio. If you would like to teach at Elevate Yoga, send your resume to teach@elevateyoga.com.au, or come and speak to us after class.

Hilary is the principal of Elevate Yoga. An accredited teacher with the international Yoga Alliance, Hilary holds advanced training in yoga anatomy and is also a certified Children’s Yoga Teacher.
Originally from New Zealand, Hilary comes from a corporate background and found yoga as way to deal with the high stresses of the business world and to keep physically and mentally fit. Hilary has been inspired by various yoga styles over the years, including Vinyasa Flow, Power Flow, Ashtanga, Yin, Restorative and alignment-based classes. She has experienced first-hand and through her students how powerfully yoga can benefit and transform.
Hilary’s classes are peaceful, loving, fun and spirit lifting. She understands the importance of technique and alignment in yoga practice, and these are incorporated into her accessible classes for all ages. Hilary is a mum to two beautiful girls, her most challenging and rewarding yoga practice to date.
Yoga, for Maria, is about the here and now; it’s about the breath and breathing into the heart. Within us, we have many aspects that hinder path progression and self fulfilment.
Hence, she utilises yoga and its practices of meditation, breathing techniques, ethics, postures and devotional practices, to connect with the heart, the core. She is passionate about developing mindful, creative and spiritual classes that allow individuals to tap into the tools that connect with their own truth, whenever and wherever they are ready. In addition to Maria’s passion for Restorative Therapeutics and Yin Yoga she loves to teach Vinyasa Flow and Hatha Yoga. Having completed over 500 hours of Yoga training she branched out into complementary areas, continuing her studies, focusing of various aspects of therapy including hormonal and emotional issues for mature aged women, fertility, menopause and therapy post mastectomy. She also likes to draw on her extensive background as a social worker and counsellor, her passion for therapy as well as focusing on Thai Yoga Therapy Massage and Reiki.
Nicole has been involved in the health and fitness industry for over 20 years. She has spent the last 10 years running a family business, raising 3 children and more recently practicing and teaching mindfulness and yoga programs to families, corporations and schools.
Nicole's teaching style is fun and intuitive. She likes to get a sense of how people are feeling and try to tap into individual potential. Influenced by her Hatha yoga teacher training, she weaves in Vinyasa and power flows as well as Ashtanga, Yin and Restorative yoga.
Nicole ensures her students feel comfortable and supported during their practice and encourages self inquiry. Allowing students to explore what feels good for them. Her mission is to make sure participants float out of a class feeling restored, balanced and energised.
Chelsea is passionately involved with the practice of yoga and teaches a beautiful dynamic flow style of Hatha Yoga, including breathing techniques, relaxation and meditation to strengthen the body and calm the mind.
 Chelsea's classes explore yoga's link to our daily lives and encourages you to tune into the unique needs of your body and circumstances.
 Chelsea comes from a CAE background and registered with Yoga Australia.
Marcia has dedicated the last 17 years to teaching and living yoga.
She has a strong love and desire to share her knowledge and experience with her students, who she constantly learns from.
Marcia has developed a skill to nurture and encourage her students to delve deeper into their practice and to share this beauty in their everyday life.
You can expect to experience clear instructions and creative sequences, and to feel invigorated, lighter, and happier with more knowledge of yoga and self.

My love and dedication to the practice of Yoga and Meditation has had a profound effect on all aspects of my life.
I have personally experienced the transformational benefits that occur when learning ways to create space, and to balance the mind, body and soul. My goal is to share my passion with my students, creating a beautiful safe, playful environment.
I like incorporate Pranayama and Meditation in to all of my classes to enrich the practice offering a holistic experience.
With a background in Dance my classes are often dynamic and flowing, which allows students to find freedom in expressing themselves through movement, then settling into stillness to find tranquillity and calm.
Vic began her Yoga journey 18 years ago when she started attending weekly Hatha Yoga classes. The sense of greater wellbeing discovered through Yoga prompted Vic to take her practice to the next step, studying for the Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching.

Vic creates a warm friendly environment with classes focusing on increasing body awareness, developing strength, flexibility and greater mindfulness through correct alignment. Vic’s intelligently crafted classes cater to students of all levels, and encompass vinyasas (flowing sequences), static asanas (postures), meditation, which helps to uncover inner stillness and pranayama (breathing practices) enabling students to feel both energized and relaxed with a greater sense of peace of mind.

Vic is a passionate Children and Teens Yoga Teacher teaching in many schools in the area and is a dedicated Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, she strives to provide students with the tools to take yoga off the mat and into their lives.

Vanessa's first experience with Yoga began learning the Ashtanga Practice over 16 years ago, from there Vanessa has experimented with other forms including Hatha, Iyengar and Vinyasa.

“..... I have always loved keeping fit and Yoga began as an alternative form of exercise, however it quickly became more and a way of life. I have found there is nothing else like it, you come away after a Yoga practice feeling so wonderful on so many different levels, not to mention the Yogi high! I love the way yoga holistically enriches the mind, body and soul. Especially today when life is so fast paced, getting on the mat gives me a chance to quiet the mind and find peace within.”

Vanessa is RYT 200 Yoga Teacher Training Accredited and she offers a yoga class which flows but is based on building strength and flexibility.

After graduating with a Bachelor degree in Sports Science, Alex left the UK and began teaching and practicing yoga in Bangkok, Thailand. Although she originally trained in traditional Hatha and Vinyasa yoga in India, Alex has enjoyed modernising her class style since teaching in Melbourne. Expect her to guide you through fun and exciting vinyasa sequences to warm and open the body, coupled with traditional pranayama and meditation, inviting space in the mind for release and relaxation.
Fiona came to the practice following the birth of her first child as a means of easing the body back into movement. She quickly discovered the transformative benefits of yoga for the physical body and mind as well as its ability to bring a deep sense of balance and overall well-being that counteracts the stresses of modern life.

Passionate about living the essence of yoga every day, both on and off the mat, Fiona is committed to the ongoing exploration of the path. She teaches sequences that are creative and flowing while keeping a close eye on safe alignment. Students are encouraged to turn their awareness inward during the practice, move consciously and connect with the needs and abilities of their own unique body. Fiona aims to help enable her students to step off the mat feeling more connected with Self, more spacious and balanced.

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