This is your slow flow chill-out session. A therapeutic practice designed to release tension, restore the body’s balance and calm the mind, using opening postures, breathing practices and relaxation techniques. No chaturangas, arm balances or sweat.
Duration: 60 minute.
Suitable for: Everyone, especially those needing to slow down and reconnect.
Designed to elevate the heart rate and awaken your senses for the day ahead. This energizing class will flex and tone you - body, mind and soul. Modifications are given to accommodate all levels. 
Duration: 60 minutes
Suitable for: All levels
As the name implies, our Slow Flow classes are slower-paced than Vinyasa Flow. Postures are generally held for longer and transitions between poses are gentler. During this class, your teacher will allow you to explore your body awareness with breath and to depend your practice, as you reap the full benefits of each pose.
Duration: 60 minute
Suitable for: All levels, from beginners to pro-yogis wanting to sink deeper into poses.
Our Vinyasa Flow class links breath with movement and features a continuous flow of poses, geared toward developing your strength and mobility. Poses are practiced at a higher intensity and transitions are smooth and swift. Improve your cardiovascular health, recharge and feel invigorated.
Duration: 60 minute 
Suitable for: Ambitious beginners to advanced yoga enthusiasts.
Our gentlest class on offer. Yin uses floor based postures to gently stretch and release the connective tissues (fascia & ligaments) of the pelvis, hips and lower spine. Muscles are kept relaxed and Yin postures are held for 2 -5 minutes, making it a more meditative practice. This class will help you to increase circulation, improve flexibility, cultivate awareness and reconnect.
Duration: 60 minutes
Suitable for: Anyone seeking a calming style of yoga.
If you're new to yoga or you really want to fine-tune your technique, this is the class for you! Yoga Fundamentals covers all of the foundations of yoga, including postures, breath work and meditation. Be inspired, elevate your energy levels and make yoga a lifestyle choice for your future.


Duration: 60 minutes
Suitable for: Newbies or more advanced levels wanting to improve technique.