Five tips for slowing down, unwinding and de-stressing!

Five tips for slowing down, unwinding and de-stressing are:

  • Stop Rushing.  Life is not a race! And no one will die if you're 10 minutes late. So slow . . down . . It's your life and you get to set the pace. No more bashing out emails at a rapid fire pace, running from one thing to the next, and driving like a maniac.  Just slow down. It will be okay.
  • When a stressful situation arises, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Just one slow inhalation and exhalation can inhibit the activation of the Sympathetic Nervous System, and instead bring you back to a place of calm.
  • Schedule time for 'disconnected relaxation'. Read, get a massage, or go for a gentle walk. And most importantly, leave your phone behind.
  • Eat three regular meals at similar times each day. Eat mindfully. Sit down. Don't answer emails, text messages or phone calls. This is hugely relaxing for the body, and will aid in the digestive process.
  • Turn your phone onto 'Do Not Disturb' mode at night. Preferably 1 - 2 hours before bed time. It's so important for your health to get a good night's sleep. Having a couple of hours without technology before bed time will help you unwind, and prepare yourself for sleep, while switching to 'Do Not Disturb' will also prevent your friend who lives in London or NYC waking you up with text messages at 3am!

And lastly, to give your body the best chance for de-stressing, include 1 - 2 of the following practices in your everyday life:

  • Meditation
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Chanting
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Pranayama practices such as Nadi Sodhana, Brahmari or Sitali.

Author: Meg James


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