Keeping Cool at Elevate


How do we keep the studio cool on these hot Melbourne days?


We had Melbourne summers in mind when we designed the studio.

The comfort of all our visitors was top of mind.

We are a natural climate studio; meaning we don't heat our classes artificially. Of course being natural doesn't mean being uncomfortable.

All our windows are double-glazed. They let in the light and the view while keeping the heat and the noise out. Plus they also open so we can freshen the air and have it smell, well, fresh and not like a fitness studio!

Our floor was designed using a special underlay that provides the best thermal insulation as well as that familiar little bounce which makes it nice for the joints.

Our ceiling fans provide a nice subtle breeze but are also super quiet - a breeze without the distraction.

These all keep the studio a nice and stable temperature and mean we can limit the use of air-conditioning and the room is comfortable, natural and uses almost no energy. Good for you and good for the environment.

It really is an escape from the outside world.

It's cool up here at Elevate so come and join us to escape the heat, your body with thank you.