Be M.E.R.R.Y this Christmas


Christmas is a time for giving and sharing. For most of us it’s also a manic time of mandatory last minute shopping, festive feast preparations and devising the “how-to” plan for avoiding the strange aunt or uncle. Frankly it can be exhausting and entirely stressful (especially if you discover you are the strange Chatarunga-loving aunt or uncle!), not to mention the foils of over-consumption on every-level. What a first-world problem!

Solution? Be M.E.R.R.Y.

M is to be Mindful. Remember the grassroots meaning of the season; give, be grateful, be genuine and kind. Find your Santosha (contentment) and joy in each and every moment and live it.  

E is to Exhale. If you feel your breath start to shorten and stress starts to contain you, then before it saturates your shoulders or stomach, take a breath in through the nose, feel it move into the belly and exhale through the nose. Your breath will naturally extend and slow, the body will calm and make way for your mind to follow.

R is to Rotate your spine, AKA do the twist. Twisting into the spine and holding for several of those breaths massages your internal organs- including digestive and immune. The twist squeezes out stale blood and toxins and the release allows fresh blood, its oxygen and nutrients to refresh and revitalize.

R is also to Rest. Gift your body and mind time-out to rest and relax. Some extra rejuvenation and restoration will resolve you a healthy equilibrium and recharge.

Y is to Yoga-on, and do whatever your body feels it needs to do. Whether it’s the happiness of a handstand, the stretch of a Downward Dog or the energy injection of a quick Sun Salutation. Listen to your body, it knows and it will thank you. And of course when the Christmas season is over, remember to revive your regular practice - at Elevate Yoga! See you on the mat 6 January when we re-open the big blue door, and be ready to lift your life in 2014.


Wishing you all a very MERRY Christmas and much health and happiness for the New Year.

From Amanda, Dan and The Gorgeous Elevate Team 


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