5 Ways to get to Your 6.15am Yoga Class

I am the first to admit I am not a “morning person”. I love cozying into the sheets allowing my body to wake-up in a deliciously unhurried fashion. But in stark contrast I enviously see my early-bird husband, equipped with his built-in 5.30am internal alarm, wakeup wonderfully refreshed. How does he get up, seamlessly blend in a yoga class, and function fabulously for the day? Now that summer is (technically) here, I have bid to join him. So why not join me. Here are my top 5 tips for getting up pre-6.15am.

1. Make a conscious decision

Instead of wrestling a negative mindset like, “I am dreading that early wake up tomorrow,” opt for something more neutral like “I am going to wake up at 5.30am.” Even better, be excited about the early rise and get up with gusto for a positively productive 6.15am yoga class!  Making the conscious decision to rise early can stimulate the body’s ‘wake-up’ hormones including adrenocorticotrophin, and ultimately begin to reboot your internal alarm clock.

2. Don’t snooze, you’ll loose

Whilst in the internal reboot phase, try to avoid using the external snooze button. Challenge yourself and place your alarm clock or smartphone in another room so you must wake-up and physically get up, to switch it off. 

3.  Wake up your senses

Then give yourself that extra boost and awaken one (or more) of your other senses.  Open the curtains, turn on some tunes, grab a green tea, a glass of water or take a speedy shower. When your body and mind are stimulated, you automatically wake up to take it in. Remember, it only takes 28 days to form a habit, so you’ll soon be waking with a smile.

4. Early to bed

If you are gearing up for the early wake-up call, you need to submerge into sleep earlier. The goal isn’t to condition yourself for less sleep, because sleep is the body’s optimum way of repairing and recharging itself. The goal is to wake up earlier easier. Science says if you get your recommended amount of sleep (7-8 hours for adults), it’s easier to do just that. And to wind yourself down from daytime Energizer bunny to nighttime placid panda, develop a pre-sleep routine that cues your body. Do whatever appeals to you, and do it daily, but turn off the TV, close the book and rest those eyes for your required REM.  

5. Prepare, prepare, prepare

Prepare and accomplish as many morning tasks as you are able, the night before. Packed bag at the door, yoga mat in the car, banana ready for pre-yoga snack, and to avoid ‘am’ style and colour conflict, pre-select your outfit- anything to streamline your schedule.

Then enjoy the benefits. Not only can you salute the actual sun in Sun Salutations, research links early-risers with positive effects, such as better grades/scores, greater proactivity, planning and the ability to anticipate problems better than late-risers. So ready yourself for your own awakening of awesomeness and see you at 6.15am yoga! At Elevate of course