Hello Spring
It's Spring! 

To entice you to make it to the mat we are offering a great special!

BEGIN SPRING PASS- which gives you unlimited yoga classes for only $390.

That's 3 months for the price of 2! So purchase today, the quicker you buy, the more benefit you receive. 


Roz Hammond

Slow Flow, Chant and Meditation Immersion
Sunday 9th October 1-3pm

A time to reconnect with breath, to have some quiet time and go within. A slow, meditative yoga practice suitable for all levels of practitioner before 10 minutes of chanting to really clear the energy channels, (don't worry it's not like singing - there's no 'good' chanting or 'bad' chanting - there's only chanting), followed by guidance in the Tibetan Breathing Technique of meditation.

A completely blissful afternoon to help quieten the busy mind.

"Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self"


Introduction to Meditation Series
Thursday 13th October 8-9pm for 3 Weeks

The research is in. We all know that regular meditation can:
* Lower blood pressure
* Increase energy
* Improve sleep
* Improve concentration, calm and reduce stress.

If you want the benefits, start from the beginning. Our Introduction to Meditation Series is a 3 week x 1 hour course, designed to introduce you to different methods of meditation (including breath meditation, mindfulness meditation, mantra meditation and guided meditation) with the aim of finding the right method for you to establish your own regular practice.

Investment: $99 payable on booking.

September 20, 2016

Here are my 5 tips to cultivate your own daily meditation practice.

Here are my 5 tips to cultivate your own daily meditation practice.

August 4, 2016

Five tips for slowing down, unwinding and de-stressing!

5 great tips for slowing down, unwinding & de-stressing. It's easier than you think!

April 25, 2016

Feeling Like Tin Man?

As we move into Autumn/Winter and the days become cooler and shorter, it is not unusual for our bodies to feel as stiff as the Tin Man. But why?

February 20, 2016

Why Gratitude is Great?

Given so many of you have been inspired to journal your gratefulness this month in our Gratitude Challenge, I wanted to blog for you the latest scientific research on the tangible benefits of practicing gratitude.

Why Elevate? 

We are passionate about Yoga and our focus is You.


Elevate Yoga is a boutique yoga studio overlooking the Bay in beautiful Black Rock. We provide a luxurious and contemporary yoga experience for our clients.


Our teachers are dedicated and inspired. They focus on an enjoyable, intelligent and safe yoga practice.


Elevate Yoga class sizes are designed for personal space and personal attention. Our yoga styles are accessible to the modern body.


You can indulge your practice on cushioned bamboo floors with full-length mirrors, surround sound, the best eco-organic products and props, complimentary teas plus one of the best views in Melbourne.


We want you to experience the many benefits of a regular Yoga practice - physical tone, strength, flexibility, increased energy levels, heightened immunity, well-being and a sense of calm.


Yoga is for everyone, and any level. Come and experience yoga – the Elevate way – and see how we can enhance your wellbeing.


One of our lovely clients has written a wonderful article about Elevate on Weekend Notes

"If you are a newbie or an experienced yogi, this studio can offer you what you need in a stunning, serene, calm environment with friendly knowledgable instructors who make time to help you progress at your personal practice."
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